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Business Description

This business doesn’t look like other caterers in the industry and that’s why they’re still around after 10+ years. Driven by innovation and a whip smart business sense, they’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve by giving the people of Charlotte what they before they even know it.

They broke into the market in 2010 with a concept that turned heads, and gave diners bragging rights as they eagerly weathered the long lines. That same spirit of innovation and crowd pleasing food is what allowed the concept to evolve over the years. The current business model lands the sweet spot between experiential dining and the predictability of catering.

The luxury of tenure. The owners spend very little time managing the day to day as their focus has shifted to other business ventures. With a fully flushed out operations team and catering staff this business is poised for a smooth transition. Strong leadership and a dedicated sales team could easily get the business back to pre-Covid numbers.


  • $475,000

  • Turn-key business with minimal owner involvement

  • Flexible lease terms and under-market rent

Listing By:

Clifford Blanquicet, Jr.
Morris Mirmow

A perfect recipe:
crowd pleasing food and innovative concept.




2,700 SF

Building Square Footage


Lot Size


Year Established



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